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Principal Investigator

Jota Samper is an assistant professor in the Environmental Design (ENVD) program at the University of Colorado Boulder. His work concentrates on sustainable urban growth and dwells at the intersection between urban informality and violent urban conflict. He obtained his BA in architecture in the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Medellín, a Master’s in City Planning from MIT and a PhD in Urban and Regional Planning, also from MIT, where he also taught as a lecturer. He is a co-founder of Mobility/Movilidad a nonprofit dedicated to choreograph meaningful conversations, video archive and mapping with marginalized communities.






Jennifer Shelby holds a bachelor’s in Economics (BA), with a minor in visual art, and a master’s degree in Community and Regional Planning (MCRP), both from Boise State University. She recently received a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies and Design at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Her research focuses on community development, economic development, and rural towns. Her current research examines the impacts of creative district policy on rural places.



Research Assistant

Dean Behary graduated from CU Boulder with a degree in Environmental Design focusing in Sustainable Planning and Urban Design.  During undergrad, he partook in a Study Abroad Seminar working with the community of Carpinelo outside of Medellin. Dean worked for Kounkuey Design Initiatives. Dean has community service ingrained in him at an early age- doing projects for Union Station Homeless Shelter and doing projects overseas in Egypt and Senegal.



Research Assistant

Val Henao’s work focuses on supporting the knowledge of marginal communities in their own development projects. She holds a BA in architecture from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Colorado, Denver. She has worked as an architect in Colombia and has experience developing projects that improve quality of life in marginalized communities.

STUDENT collaborators

Mohammed Al-Khaili, Jordan Allen, Dylan Amaral, Sydney Andrews, Tanner Anthony, Austin Appleton, Cameron Babin, Jesus Banuelos-Rivera, Brittany Barefield, Jack Beaudoin, Jean-Marc Beddow, Dylan Behr, Blake Benfield, Sabina Berend, Caitlin Berger, Rosa Borunda-Martinez, Emily Brady, Oliver Brooks, Mallisyn Bruce, Kathryn Burgess, Carson Byerhof, Stephen Cannon, Adrian Carballo, James Carden, Ryan Carroll, Geovani Castillo, Daniel Chastain, Bailey Chen, Bulakorn Chetbundit, Constantine Chrisafis, Hallie Chuba, Riley Chustz, Michal Cihlar, Tori Civitello, Valencia Coles, Mara Congour, Cheyenne Cooper, Devin Costello, Brianna Courmier, Mason Cuffie, Peter Curtiss, Bezawit Damtew, Emily Davis, Megan D'Elia, Meredith DeLong, Sarah Drabova, Alyssa Drain, Andrew Durham, Abbe Easton, Sebastian Elverskog, Shyanne Freeman, Jozef Gach, Garrett Gilmore, Vincent Gladden, Alexis Gonzales, Christian Gonzalez, Yuritzi Gonzalez-Trujillo, Tristan Govreau, Riley Grasso, Colton Guarini, Clare Hamilton, Grant Harrop, Faaris Hays, Mariah Hilton, Nikki Hoang, Camden Hocker, Thomas Hoffmann, Skyler Hogue, Sarah Hopkins, Mahlon Howard, Ann Hoyt, Riley Hritz, Mykah Huang, Peitao Huang, Xinger Huang, Elijah Jennings, Ian Klene, Ben Kohut, Kristopher Kratovil, Julia Kulicz, Amy Lacourse, Paige Lafferty, Sean Lampos, James Landrus, Dominic Large, Jessica Leeds, Alexa Lehrer, Cong Li, Yidan Li, Christopher Lovelace, Brianna Manke, Cameron Matt, Ashton Matthews, Sam McCardell, Bryce McGrath, Megan Meek, Jesse Melchiskey, Muzette Mercer, Brewer, Federica Merol, Henry Miller, Lucas Moros, Kiley Naves, Josef Nelson, Connor Olsen, Catherine Onate, Gabriel Onderdonk, Benjamin Pells, Diego Pereda, Cevin Perez, Zoe Peters, Logan Phelps, Joseph Pineda, Molly Pollich, Janay Probst, Justice Ramos, Andrew Rapp, Cole Roberts, Brandon Rodriguez, Natalie Rolnicki, Anthony Romero, Samuel Rosenthal, Benjamin Ross, Chloe Ross, Daniel Rubenstein, Halle Sago, Kari Salter, Jacob Schiesser, Nelson Schildge, Alexandra Schrader, Jonathan Schuler, Kyle Schwall, Miles Shapleigh, Logan Shipman, Camilla Soechtig, Elizabeth Stagnaro, Emelia Steinmetz, Alec Stolz, Noah Stuvel, Lee, Lorenzo Tamayo, Morgan Taylor, Grace Tilghman, Mikayla Totman, Tiffany Tran, Tucker Treat, Edgar Trejo, James Trunz, Andrew Tucker, Kanok Vannavong, Zeb Wagner, Leyla Wahedi, Wei Wang, Danielle Weyman, Brooke Williams, Drake Williams, Mengxi Xu, William Young, Wanqi Yu, Charles Zajeski


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